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Festival of Tibetan New year.
Tebetan monastery located in Lumbini also celebrate this day.
Many Hindi gathered at Pashpatinath temple in Kathmandu to celebrate this day.
Peaple celebrate this festival by showering water and colorful powder each other. This festival is celebrated all over Nepal.
Nepal New Year(Apr)
Nepal is following Vikram calender which is designed by Hindi tradition.
Buddha Jayanthi(May)
The Birth day of the Buddha and the day of Great enlightnment and the day entered into Nirvana.
This is the biggest festival in Lumbini.
This day is the beginning of rainy season. And also the day of pregnancy of Mayadevi, the day of leaving castle and the day of first Dharma talk.
Theravada buddhism monk keep staying inside monastery for three month from this date.
Gai Jatra(Aug)
This is a festival of Newar ethnic who mostly stayed in Kathmandu valley.
This is a festival for woman. Ladies dress up and show dance on a street also in Lumbini.
This is the biggest festival of Nepal. People return back their home town so most of shops are closed during this festival.
Kathina Chivara Dana(Oct)
Theravada buddhism celebrate this day as the end of Barsavassa.
Peaple burning candle light in front of there shops and houses for wishing their prosperity and wealth.

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