Footprints of Load Buddha

Connection between Lumbini and Lord Buddha, let’s see the history of past and present of Lumbini.


Lumbini is near Himaraya range.
As a Birth place of Buddha, it is also known as one of 4 sacred land of Buddhism. Around Lumbini there is Asoka pillar which symbolized by Asoka king that Lumbini is the birth place of Buddha and also the birth place of before Buddha.


It is known as Lord Buddha’s Home and he had lived here until 29 years old. The castle’s vestige was found and in present time, by seeing the view of water buffalo and old style agriculture from small village around Kapilvastu, you may able to see the same view of life style as Lord Buddha had. There are also many vestiges of monasteries which are known as the place where Lord Buddha had stayed while he met with his father after becoming priest.


It is the home town of Queen Mayadevi. In Devadaba, part of Asoka pillar was found when King Asoka had visited and built. When Lord Buddha was Prince there was tradition around this area that when couples are about to marry, the groom as a Buddha visited Devadaba to pick up his bride as a yasyodara.
There is a stupa at Ramagrawa. It is said that the rewains of Buddha are devided into eight sites, but one of the remains of Buddha is placed in the stupa.


Where Buddha had his enlightenment and where he had his long due mediation under Linden Tree. The day of his enlightenment is also known as the same date as his birth day. In 2002, The One’s Family Temple was registered as World Heritage Site. And as Buddhism sacred land, people around the worlds are endlessly visiting.


After attained enlightenment, this is the place where he had his sermon about the enlightenment. This region is close to Hindu’s sacred land varanashi, and many religious people were gathering in this place. Large scale of monastery was constructed after the era of Asoka king and now it had been discovered.


This region is the capital city of kingdom Magadha, and the Bimbisara king of the kingdom was the person who enthusiastically supports Lord Buddha. In suburb area, there is famous mountain where Lord Buddha had his sermon, and also there is a Cave where the followers of Buddha organized the Buddhism meeting.


Situated in Gonda district, Sravasti was one of the six great cities of India in the days of the Buddha. It is the popular place known as place where Buddha had preached most of his sermons. And during the many monsoons, he used to stay at the Jetavana monastery on the outskirts of this town. The monastery was donated to him by Sudatta, the richest merchant at the time.


Known as the city of commerce, and this city had stored one of ash in stupa. This place is located between Rajigir and Kapilvastu.
It is the place where the Buddha’s monks spent the time in the rainy season.


Kushinagar is the place where Lord Buddha entered Mahaparinirvana. When Lord Buddha reached His eighty-first year, he gave his last major teaching. And his body had been stored in stupa called Ramabhar.

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