The seasonal fresh vegetable which cultivated from our chemical-free farm, our restaurant sufficiently uses all the organic Vegetables into Japanese, Nepali, and continental food. And in this full of magnificent nature, we sincerely hope for providing best service and giving the enjoyable taste of seasonal food to the fullest.

Guide to the our food

■ The Fresh Vegetables

Nepali vegetables are actually contains high amount of nutrition and its healthy. Nepalese vegetables are delicious. And for that reasons,the number of vegetarian people in Nepal is obviously higher than japan or any other country. And so we are able to provide healthy and organic vegetables with different style & taste of food which it will unpredictably impress your expectations.

■ About Food Menu

Japanese food, Nepali food and continental food will be big options in your hand. If there are any requests of your favorite dish, please feel free to discuss with us.

The organic vegetables grown at our hotel

In Nepal, organic Vegetable or chemical free farms are not famous and common phrase. Because that is truly standard level in Nepal, everything is originally organic and healthy.
Nepal environment has very cool temperature as compared to other East-South Asian. But in summer time, it has worm environment and in a year calendar, the season is separated to spring, summer, Monsoon, autumn, and winter. There are places you can feel warmth in locations under 3000m height at Winter Season, which indicated that Nepal has best location for Plants to grow. With this best location and great gift of nature,
we will be providing great quality of vegetables.

Features of Food list

■Breakfast Menu

Homemade soft Bread & Bagel & Butter cake, cereal, Egg, Salad, Fruits, Juice, Drip Coffee/Tea and Yogurt with fruits.

■Lunch Menu

Noodle/Rice dish, salad, Fruits, Drip Coffee/Tea

Please enjoy Japanese, Western and Indian cuisine cooked with non- pesticide vegetables grown at our hotel and seasenable vegetables of local Lumbini at the restaurant sumounded by forest

■Dinner Menu

Mix of Japanese & Indian food Course and as a main dish, it is able to choose whether Japanese or Indian dish. And requesting Nepali food is also available

Examples of Courses

Plates of Salad, Side dish, Main dish, Soup, rice, and desert

Examples of Nepali food

Tarukari Vegetable, Saggu Acya-ru, MOMO, Samosa, Main, Roti, Rice dish, Darusp, raita

Meals price

Breakfast $10.00
Lunch $15.00
Dinner $25.00
Service Charge 10% and VAT 13% will be added with the price

Contact Details

E-Mail(In Japanese please)
TEL : 03-6441-2877
FAX : 03-3792-8084
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