These are the Tour information with pictures around LUMBINI and KATUMANDU.

Invitation to Lumbini World Heritage Site

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Lumbini Sacred Garden Excavation around

UNESCO World Heritage Lumbini garden

Lumbini sacred garden is registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.
After the birth of the Buddha, the birthplace is revered by Buddhists and has attracted pilgrims.
King Ashok made his pilgrimage to Lumbini in 3rd century BC then dedicated Ashok piller which is still standing in the Lumbini garden. Till 8th century AD, many Chinese monks were visited Lumbini and recorded in their travel journal.
Today, Lumbini garden is developed under the master design made by Ph.Kenzo Tange, a Japanese architect.
There is more than 22 monasteries from 15 different countries are established in the garden and a lot of Buddhist pilgrims and tourists visit and offer prayers at Lumbini in pursuit of peace of mind.

Ruins around Lumbini


Tilaurakot where is known as Kapilvastu castle is located 27km west from Lumbini. The prince Siddartha stayed there for 29 years before he go into forests. East and West gate is excavated and brick structures of castle is remaining inside the forest.
Such as clay pots, beads what is found in Tilaurakot is displayed at a small museum near the ruin.
Kudan is just 10 km south from Tilaurakot. According Bhudda story,Buddha stayed in this place instead of stay in his castle when he returned his home after his enlightenment.
There is another Ashok pillar at Nigalihawa. King Ashok dedicated it for the birthplace of Kanakmuni Buddha who is the fifth Buddha in this world.
Devdah is the hometown of Maya Devi where is 50 km east from Lumbini.
Ancient stupa was found sounth of Devdah called Ramgram. Buddhist believe that Buddha’s original relics is still buried in there.

  • Tilaurakot

  • Kapilvastu

  • Ashok pillar at Nigalihawa

  • Kudan

Nature of Lumbini

Treasure house of flora and fauna

Lumbini is surrounded by wealthy nature. One of the most important animal is Sarus Crane which is the largest birds which is flying sky.
Out side of Lumbini Hotel Kasai is designated as Crane sanctuary.
Various birds are also coming and twittering in our hotel. There is another precious animal named Nilgai which belong to antelope but villagers call it as blue bull.

  • Water buffalo

  • Sarus Crane

  • Nilgai

  • Firefly

Capital City Kathmandu

Town with World Heritage

Kathmandu is capital city of Nepal.
Tourist comes via air touch on this city first.
The altitude of Kathmandu is 1300m which is enough to see the snow capped Himalayan range in the clear sky.
Kathmandu used to be flourished as relay point of Himalayan traders and developed own culture and tradition.
These magnificent culture including grand temples of Hindu and Buddhism is registered as World Heritage Site in 1979.

  • Patan Darbar square

  • Himalayan view from Kathmandu city

  • Old residence of Rana family

  • Stupa in Kathmandu

Mount Everest

Mountain level of 8000m class

Himalayan range which is including Mt. Everest 8,848m across the Northern part of Nepal from east to west.
Panoramic view of over 8,000m mountains during the flight from Kathmandu to Bhairahawa is one of the great experience in Nepal.

Lumbini city map



Official language is Nepali and English is useable at tourist area.


Lumbini is located in 200 km South-East from Kathmandu and 3km North from India border. Approximately 30 minutes flight from Kathmandu airport to Bhairawa airport and 30 minutes from Bhairawa airport to Lumbini Hotel Kasai by taxi.


April ~ September: average temperature of day-time is 35 degrees and night-time is 25 degrees.
Between October to November and February to March, the average day-time temperature is 25 degrees and night-time is 15 degrees.
Between Decembers to January the average day time temperature is 15 degrees and night time is 5 degrees.

■Time difference

From Japan time, minus 3 hours 15 minuets


Hindu 80%, Buddhism 10%, Islam other

■Money Currency

Nepal Rupee (2018, July 100Rs = 160 Yen)
Japanese Yen, US $, Visa Card, Master Card, American Express


10 to 100 Nepalese rupees are recommended according to the service.
There is no need for tip in our hotel.


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